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Modern Hippie Style: How to Make Take Your Boho Style to The Next Level

Modern Hippie Style: How to Make Take Your Boho Style to The Next Level

Sep 9th, 2019

Modern hippie style is having a major fashion moment—it’s fun, adventurous, and oh-so-chic when it’s done right. But, there’s a fine line between boho chic and looking like you’re stuck in the 1970s. If you’re hoping to nail that elusive modern bohemian style, the team at Urban Daisy is here to help!

Bold and Bright Patterns are a Must for Modern Bohemian Style 

One undeniable staple of modern hippie style is patterned clothing that conveys a free-spirited sensibility and a taste for the eclectic. The key to wearing boho patterns is to balance them with other pieces in solid hues so that you look effortlessly stylish and not over the top. Don a patterned trendy dress with solid tights and a cozy sweater, or wear your favorite boho-chic tunic with simple black leggings. Seek out pieces in colors that can be found within the pattern of your statement piece to keep everything feeling cohesive.

Woman models modern bohemian style in a leopard print dress

Unexpected Color and Texture Pairings 

The queens of modern hippie style know that nailing the modern bohemian style is all about incorporating an element of the unexpected into their outfits. That means mixing-and-matching textures so that you’re never wearing anything that feels too uniform—think structured suede or  trendy leather jackets over a flowy skirt or distressed jeans paired with a lacy, ladylike top. If you’re wearing solid colors instead of patterns, try to think about bold color combinations or wearing lots of lush jewel tones with neutral-hued cute skirts.

Woman models modern bohemian style in a frayed, pink sweater

Seek Out Boho Silhouettes 

Modern hippie style is all about embracing volume and playing with proportions—from billowy, flowy trendy maxi dresses to airy kimonos. A little volume goes a long way in creating that slightly dramatic yet down-to-earth combination that modern bohemian style is known for, so keep your volume in check with layers like slim-fitting blazers that add a sense of proportion to your look. Wide belts worn at the waist will also help create definition, so stock up on accessories that help enhance your shape without feeling too restrictive.

The Best Boho Details 

Boho babes know that true style is determined by the details, so for true modern hippie style, find looks that offer the hottest bohemian details. That means playful fringe embellishments, cool crocheted elements, ruffles -- anything that looks and feels a little playful or vintage-inspired. Of course, no bohemian lady’s wardrobe would be complete without a floppy hat or fedora, a plethora of mix-matched jewelry for layering, and a great pair of slouchy suede boots, so be sure to stock up on all the right extras to top off your outfit!

Find the Best Boho-Chic Looks at Urban Daisy 

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